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Satisfy your sweet tooth with some must-have Indian sweets in Singapore

Do you have a sweet tooth? Indeed, if your answer is - yes, hogging on to some of the enticing Indian sweets will surely tickle your taste buds. Just as Indian savory dishes are known and cherished for their utilization of flavors and spices. So are Indian sweet treats, often aromatic of flavors like cardamom or nutmeg. Many of the sweet treats are likewise impressive to behold, from the mouth-watering gulab jamun to the saffron tone 'motichoor ladoo' Adding bonus, Indian desserts are not simply limited to post-dinner as one can have them at any time and relish its taste. Hold on your breath as the following are probably the best exotic Indian desserts to fulfil your sweet cravings.
Gulab Jamun
Who doesn't like scrumptious and soft gulab jamuns? An imperative part of Indian celebrations, Gulab Jamun is one of the traditional Indian sweets and must-add on any platter. Otherwise called Indian doughnuts, Gulab Jamuns are little dumplings that comprise condensed milk, sugar and are deep-fried. This sweet Indian treat is then decked with little bits of dried fruits and then usually soaked in rose-flavored sugar syrup. It can be served hot or cold, these flavorful balls of sweetness can fill anybody's heart with joy.
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It's difficult to choose if the syrup-soaked balls or the thick, sweet syrup itself is the best part of this flavorful sweet dish. This treat comprises fresh paneer balls which are simmered in water until light and spongy, then, at that point absorbed sugar syrup. The paneer balls rest in chilled syrup for a few hours, Rasgulla is one the most popular sweet treats of India.
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Motichoor Laddoo
These deep-fried saffron-colored balls may look like doughnut balls, however with a base of tiny drops of chickpea flour, they have a rich taste all their own and will simply melt in your mouth with its perfection. The dish, which originates from the northern part of India, is usually seasoned with saffron or melon seeds and sweetened with thickened sugar syrup. The sweet balls are occasionally mixed in with orange food coloring, to make their hue genuinely pop.
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Braj Peda
These flavorsome cream treats with their aroma will take you to the streets of Mathura, a city in India that is well known for its delicious braj peda. This buttery sweet treat comprises khoya and is garnished with nuts. In India, among Hindus, it is also prepared as an offering to the divine beings.
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Kaju Katli
Kaju Barfi is quite possibly the most popular Indian sweet delicacy. This Indian sweet originates from Rajasthan, however it is found practically everywhere on the subcontinent. Shaped like a quadrangle or a diamond, this notable Indian sweet is prepared using cashew nuts. "Barfi" implies the shape of the sweet, whereas Kaju implies cashew which is its fundamental ingredient. Let the bar of love and sweetness ascend in your relationship with this sweet treat! 
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Milk Cake
Milk cake is unquestionably one of the most delicious sweet delights. A sweet fudge made with solidified milk and shudh desi ghee and enriched with cardamom. The slight caramelization gives it a light brown tone and slightly fudgy texture. A bite of this Indian Milk Cake in your mouth will explode your taste buds with the sweet caramelized smooth flavors and amazingly grainy texture.
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Besan Laddoo
One of the most famous Indian sweets, besan ke ladoo never disappoints anybody! The exceptional aroma of gram flour mixed with clarified butter has a grainy and matt texture to it.. This Indian sweet treat originated from North India. This sweet is a perfect mixture of flour, sugar, and an ample amount of ghee. Also, these can be preserved for a longer period of time. The delectable taste and the flavor of rich ingredients packed in a sweet ball of happiness.
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Rabri is a milk-based delectable Indian treat that is fondly appreciated around India. The popularity of this sweet dish isn't just confined to India, but it is increasingly becoming famous across the world now. This dish comprises full fat milk, sugar, and cardamom and is garnished with nuts. Adding Cardamoms improves the flavors and smell of this sweet dish.
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After a feast or as a late-night snack, desserts are a necessity. We all love to enjoy a slice of cake or a quick cupcake fix once in a while however there's nothing like indulging in Indian sweet treats. With all those vibrant tones and complex flavors, Indian sweets or mithai are synonymous with celebrations, festivals and everything positive. They're the ideal companion to the zesty curries and piquant sauces. These heavenly sweets or desserts of India represent the diversity of India's cultural heritage. 
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